Yacht Management

We understand and respect that your yacht is both your passion and also a valuable asset and choosing the right management company to work with is a big decision. There are many advantages to using a yacht management service including keeping the yacht in peak condition, no surprises and support round the clock.

Why Use a Hospitality Yacht Management Service

Proper yacht management takes all the hard work out of luxury yacht ownership and will allow you to relax and enjoy your yacht secure in the knowledge that your yacht is in good hands. When you choose to use Upwind Solutions Yacht Management service you enter into a partnership that will help you get the most out of your yacht and maximise your investment to ensure a high resale return should you choose to sell.

Local knowledge

Southeast Asia policies and regulations differ greatly from the EU, and our local knowledge and wide network of contacts make all the difference. Our longstanding relationships with the local supply chain ensure fast and affordable access to the best service providers available.

Tailored Service

We pride ourselves in providing a fully custom yacht management service that is tailored to the individual vessel and client. We will assess your needs and provide a bespoke service that ensures you get the most out of our management service. 

Extensive Yacht Expertise

Our team, which includes hospitality experts, technical, engineers, captains, and specialists in their field, is always on hand to offer you the best services.

We live and breathe the world or luxury yachts and there is no challenge too big for us.

24H Support

Relax and know that if you need us, we are there. We provide 24-hour emergency support, no matter where you are or what the time of day.


We offer a range of management services, all customised to the individual yacht.

These include:


Assistance with a range of accounting services, including budget creation, invoice checking, funds management, monthly account checks, financial reports and expense payments. We partner with the captain and crew to help secure the best pricing and keep within the planned budget.


Crew are an incredibly important part of the overall yachting experience, and we ensure the yacht crew management process is seamless. Services include crew placement, crew contracts, payroll assistance, management of crew certification, HR and administration and more.


We will work with your captain and crew on day to day logistics and operations, assisting with everything from arranging provisions, providing parts quotes, general administration, to simply making life easy for the crew, leaving them to look after you and your yacht.


Safety is a priority for it is a requirement of ISM to have documented procedures and checklists in place for use in an emergency. In addition, we produce an "Emergency procedures booklet" which is kept on the bridge as a quick reference guide. In the unlikely event of a serious Emergency e.g. Fire, Flood, Collision, Technical, Medical etc.


Safety is a priority for all yachts and we work with our owners to ensure their yachts meet, and exceed, the required safety standards. This includes compliance with the ISM Code for yachts of a certain size, certifications, the implementation of safety procedures, and advising on best practices.


Running a charter yacht comes with many extra requirements when compared to a private yacht. Our specialist charter team can assist with all aspects of charter management, ensuring smooth operations for guests, maintenance of your yacht so it is always in impeccable condition, and hands-on help for running of a profitable and seamless charter operation.



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